And here, my child, tho’ folded in thine arms, I feel the deathless heart of motherhood within me shudder / Demeter and Persephone

Lord Beric’s lover, according to one tale. Supposedly she was hanged by the Freys, but Dondarrion kissed her and brought her back to life, and now she cannot die, no more than he can.

Game of Thrones Tarot XVI: Lady Stoneheart/The Tower.

This change is sudden, like a cataclysm. It rips things from their root and changes them, body and soul. The Tower must weather the storm. The disruption is absolute, and it leaves no corner untouched, yet the Tower must remain, even if it’s just a shell now. There was no warning, no way to prepare, and now something has been woken and brought out in to the light. She is transformed forever. She cannot forget.

Game of Thrones Tarot XVII: Meera/The Star.

Hers is a gentle spirit, and the Star twinkles brightly even when no one can see it. She is guidance, shining light on a path once hidden. She is a safeguard, an assurance that all is well. Her presence reminds us that there is nothing to fear now, if we trust in our intuition. She is youth and rejuvenation, guiding the lost and the alone. She is playful, hopeful, constant. The Star shines on.

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